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Taqwa Youth group is a Community Based Organization located in Central Division of Isiolo District in Eastern Province. Established in the year 2005, the organization works to build and strengthen the socio-economic structures in local communities. The Organization focuses on children, youth, men and women in an effort to address the various multifaceted challenges and problems affecting them.  The organization seeks to give community members a chance to explore their potential and realize a meaningful livelihood. At the time of registration; the organization had a total of 25 members. With time, the membership has grown to 54 members.


The programs undertaken by the organization include but are not limited to Promotion of viable and sustainable income generating activities among its members and the wider community; Enhancing the socio-economic coping capacity among the youth to enable them cope with the multifaceted challenges and problems affecting them; Lobbying and advocacy against retrogressive cultural believes and practices that mitigate the fight against HIV/AIDS; Community training and sensitization programs through community meetings, barazas, and community open day; Environmental conservation and management.

Advocacy Focus Areas


Democracy & Governance

Our Leader

Abdulkhaliq Hassan

We aim to create a society where Youth and Women in Isiolo have equal access to resources, development and other self-actualization opportunities.

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