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Samburu Women’s Trust is an indigenous women organization that champions for the rights of women and girls among the indigenous communities in northern Kenya. The organization advances these rights with particular spectrum on gender perspectives in Isiolo, Laikipia, Marsabit and Samburu Counties.

In its leadership is Jane Meriwas, “As a young woman working with young people has be a journey of many challenges but has also brought forth success and hope where I have been able to profile indigenous people’s issues from the grass roots to the international platform as well as assist young people to articulate their issues especially young girls on matters FGM, early and forced marriages and also land ownership by women”.

SWT has been advocating for more than 15 years as a human rights advocate. There advocacy work entails giving women from the Samburu community who are curbed by norms, beliefs and are demeaned in their society a voice to build their confidence, courage, self-motivation and to believe in themselves in order to chase their dreams.

Advocacy Focus Areas

Sexual Gender-Based Violence

Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Gender Equality

Democracy & Governance

Our Leader

Jane Meriwas

Give young girls the opportunity to voice their rights in presence of influential people and let them stand up to say no to things that are not right.

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