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The Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI) was established 15 years ago as a Community-Based Organization, to address the inadequacy of access to legal services by the poor people in Marsabit. In 2007, HODI registered as an NGO broadening its mandate, and has grown to be a voice of and champion for peace and development in Marsabit County.  HODI has 12 full time staff members and an office in Marsabit which serve close to 7,000 people per year. HODI envisions a democratic, peaceful and prosperous society engaging in sustainable development.” To achieve the Vision, HODI’s mission is “to champion justice and development in Northern Kenya through advocacy and facilitation of education, community cohesion and livelihood support programmes.

Our approach involves the use of football to break the silence on various social and cultural issues that may otherwise be difficult to discuss in other spaces. In Marsabit, women are not allowed to speak on issues affecting them. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is on the high and through our football for change program we provide safe places for girls to talk about this issue. We also use this programs to engage the leadership and children at schools to speak out. Girls use this platform to speak about issues affecting them including early marriages and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Our goal is to reduce the rate of FGM in Marsabit.

Advocacy Focus Areas

Sexual Gender-Based Violence

Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Gender Equality

Democracy & Governance

Our Leader

Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan

We celebrate the bold women of HODI, who have always been working behind the scenes making the impossible possible. Women are driving the organization to greater heights and even when the going gets tough, they still have hope that things will improve.

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Telephone: 0719 192313

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